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Rethink Your Business in Changing Times

Today’s environment is forcing businesses to evolve more quickly than ever before. The electronic era has spawned companies that do not consist of bricks and mortar, but organizations that merely identify opportunities and coordinate resources to get results. The pandemic has forced entrepreneurs to pivot their businesses to survive. Most companies struggle to reorientate themselves […]

Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen

When I was running the Innovations Project, I had the opportunity to speak to various business groups, inventors, and economic development organizations. My opening line in my presentation was, “Ideas are a dime a dozen – people who put them into action are worth millions.” At Innovations, we looked at thousands of inventions, product ideas, […]

Learning When to Hold ’em and When to Fold ’em

Emotion is a funny thing when it comes to business. Emotion can drive an entrepreneur to overcome tremendous obstacles and succeed, and it can cause bone-headed decisions leading to failure. Generally speaking, business decisions are much better when made without emotion. Successfully playing poker is an excellent example of decision-making without emotion. Winning or losing […]

Market Focused Planning

When I was with the International Centre for Agriculture Technology and Science, we coined a phrase with the help of Dr. Roger Moore called Market-Focused Planning. This term applied to a thought process we developed to guide strategic planning away from self-centered navel-gazing to focusing on how our most significant strengths would be perceived by […]